The Photographer

My name is Dave Adams, and I am (amongst other things) a freelance automotive and motorsport photographer. Whilst I can and do shoot a variety of motorsport genres, I mostly concentrate on the early front engined F1 cars and the 50's & 60's GT periods.

I provide photography services for drivers, teams and owners, from provision of digital images to full blown canvas prints. If you have a requirement for photographs, whether for personal use or corporate marketing, please get in touch.

You can contact me by email , telephone +44 (0) 7964 293729 or through .

The Website

This website uses the Flickr API to retrieve the last 88 photographs uploaded. Therefore the content is refreshed periodically whenever new photographs are posted to Flickr.

This site has been developed to be clean and simple to use, with a more minimalistic look than previous incarnations. The philosophy for the design is one of 'Less is More'. Further examples of my work can be found by visiting Flickr (click any of the links next to the photos on the site that say 'View on Flickr' to be taken directly there) or simply click .

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